Princess Amalia Wind Farm

Environmental Monitoring in Princess Amalia Wind Farm

The permit of Princess Amalia Wind Farm demands that a number of environmental measurements are performed before and during the building of the wind farm, during operation and after removal. Examples of aspects to be monitored are bird presence, influence on bird migration patterns, underwater noise during building and operation, harbour porpoise presence, morphology, influence of wind turbines on radar detection of vessels, visibility of the wind farm from the beach, etc. Ecofys has co-ordinated this monitoring programme for Princess Amalia Wind Farm since 2007.

The challenge of managing the monitoring programme is to satisfy the permit requirements at acceptable costs. To this end, Ecofys advises Princess Amalia Wind Farm on viable strategies which are detailed  in operational plans. Furthermore, Ecofys supports the operational team of Princess Amalia Wind Farm in their communications with the authorities.  Where necessary, Ecofys contracts external experts like ecologists, underwater sound physicists and marine experts. In this way the client profits from the vast wind farm expertise of Ecofys.