Review of policy recommendations for a 2050 steel roadmap

In its low carbon economy roadmap, the European Commission formulates targets to bring down CO2 emissions by 88-92% in 2050 as compared to 2005. The Commission challenged the European industry to construct their own roadmaps to show what reductions are achievable in their view. The European steel industry, represented by Eurofer, took up this challenge and published its own Steel Roadmap for a Low Carbon Europe 2050. While Eurofer’s assessment concludes that currently there are no economically feasible steelmaking technologies available to achieve the Commission’s ambitions, they still commit to actively contributing to reduce CO2 emissions in Europe.

Linked to this commitment is the industry’s need for a predictable policy framework and adequate support for new technologies. This need has been expressed in the roadmap in the form of policy recommendations. Contracted by Eurofer, Ecofys has reviewed these recommendations. As an independent consultant on climate change policies, Ecofys understands the values at stake for both the industry and the Commission. As acknowledged by Eurofer, Ecofys’ independent review stimulated improvements and coherence throughout the study.

The roadmap is available for download at:


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