Partnership for Market Readiness in Morocco

The Partnership for Market Readiness is a grant-based global partnership of developed and developing countries ( It provides funding and technical assistance for the collective innovation and piloting of market-based instruments for greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Ecofys, along with its local partner ECI, are the primary consultants helping the Government of Morocco to prepare their Market Readiness Proposal (MRP). The MRP will detail the country’s roadmap for designing, piloting and implementing market-based instruments in the electricity, cement and phosphates sectors. It will describe the activities needed to put in place the technical, regulatory and institutional components of such market-based instruments, including a governance structure, an enabling regulatory framework, data management and MRV systems, and sectoral baselines. It will also assess capacity building needs, provide estimates of funding requirements and propose an implementation plan. The project is carried out in close consultation with local and international stakeholders and decision makers including the private sector, the Government of Morocco, and the World Bank.


Noémie Klein
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