Nieuwland 1 MWp

Nieuwland 1 MWp Technical Advisory Services and Monitoring

About 500 dwellings in Amersfoort, the Netherlands were provided with a photovoltaic system, with a total project size of 1 MWp. Ecofys participated in the project team and provided the technical assistance to the architects involved in the design of the PV houses. We reviewed and approved the architectural and electrical design of the installations and the integration concepts. Ecofys optimized the electrical design with respect to performance (in terms of price per kWh) and took responsibility for the quality control and commissioning of the PV system. During the first 8 years of the system operation, Ecofys monitored the performance of the system in terms of kWh yield and maintenance.


Riadh Bhar
Urban Energy
Ecofys Solar Nieuwland