Monitoring Reporting and Verification of CO2 in Shipping

Ecofys supported the European Commission with the implementation of a proposed system for monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) of CO2 emissions of maritime shipping as well as information related to energy efficiency. Ecofys led a consortium that combined our strong expertise on MRV protocol development with expertise on maritime engineering of Intesca-Inarsa and SFW’s long track-record in IT and electronic emissions registries. An important part of our work consisted of involving experts from within the shipping industry. Our work resulted in:

  • Detailed procedures for monitoring and reporting of CO2 emissions as well as information related to energy efficiency.
  • A set of clear rules that will enable accredited verifiers to effectively verify data reported by maritime parties.
  • Criteria under the existing accreditation framework to ensure that only verifiers who can demonstrate a high degree of competence, independence and impartiality are eligible to act as verifiers.
  • The design of the IT system for exchanging relevant data as well as the functional specifications of that system.


Rob Winkel
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