Microfinance India

Quick Market Assessment of the Potential for biomass-based mini-grid Projects in rural India

The Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) is generally interested in providing a credit line to the Indian National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) for financing biomass and micro-hydro based mini grid systems in rural areas in India. The Programme will be conceptualised as a National Programme with financing support throughout the country by providing loans to institutions, private or corporate end users directly. The Programme Goal is for NABARD and KfW to contribute to an improved and sustainable energy supply in rural areas by encouraging the increased deployment and use of different types of renewable energy technologies.

Within the framework of the preparatory activities to set-up the programme, Ecofys, in cooperation with Winrock International India and TRIODOS Facet, is carrying out for KfW and NABARD a quick-assessment of the potential demand for loan financing and how a future promotional programme should look like. The asignment is divided into three work packages: 1) technical demand assessment, 2) loan financing potential assessment and 3) the basis for the design of the promotional programme. Ecofys is responsible for the overall project management and methodology and quality check of the technical demand assessment.

Ecofys was selected due to its expertise in the development of methodologies tailored to the Indian conditions, excellent project management, intercultural capabilities and experience working in India.


Matthias Spöttle
Urban Energy
Ecofys bio mustard Field India