Evaluation of the Energy Labelling and the Ecodesign Directives

A consortium led by Ecofys carries out the evaluation of the Energy Labelling Directive and specific aspects of the Ecodesign Directive. Both Directives are essential elements in the European policy mix to increase energy efficiency and to increase the sustainability of products. Other partners in the consortium are ISR-University of Coimbra, Öko Institut, SEVEn, SOWATT and Waide Strategic Efficiency. This consortium set-up secures extensive knowledge and experience to cover the comprehensive scope of the project.

A variety of research methods and techniques are being used to conduct the evaluation, including the structured prioritisation of research questions, fact finding and analysis,  as well as online consultations and direct interviews. Three stakeholder meetings have been held during the project. Recommendations of the evaluation were:

  1. Revise the present energy label so that higher efficiency levels can be communicated in the future.
  2. Organisational and financial barriers in market surveillance should be addressed. A product registration base could be beneficial.
  3. Provide for greater institutional memory and more clarity for stakeholders.
  4. Postpone extension of the scope of both the Energy Labelling and Ecodesign Directives until each or most of the priorities above has been properly dealt with.

Ecofys coordinated the project,  examined market effects and the regulatory process and was in charge of the overall quality control.

Visit the project website for additional insights: energylabelevaluation.eu


Nesen Surmeli-Anac
Urban Energy
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