Environmental Management of the Luchterduinen Offshore Wind Farm

Ecofys provides environmental management support for a range of offshore wind energy projects. Permit requirements demand that a Monitoring and Evaluation Program (MEP) is put together and implemented for the entire duration of each project (before and after construction, during operation and after decommissioning). Ecofys has co-ordinated the monitoring programme for the Prinses Amalia Wind Farm since 2007 and the Luchterduinen Wind Farm since the beginning of 2012.

The challenge for the Luchterduinen monitoring programme is to satisfy the permit requirements, in a cost-effective way, aiming to obtain answers to priority research questions. To this end, Ecofys supports Luchterduinen Wind Farm in their communications with the competent authority and advises on viable strategies which are detailed in operational plans. Ecofys has in-house knowledge of marine ecology and maintains a broad network of other experts like ornithologists, underwater sound physicists and statisticians to substantiate the proposed strategies for the Luchterduinen monitoring program. As a result the client will benefit from a cost-effective environmental monitoring program, implemented in line with permit requirements and state of the art research.


Huygen van Steen
Energy Systems and Markets
Prinses Amalia offshore wind farm, The Netherlands