Ecofys Plastic Bag Digester

Domestic biogas

Domestic biogas digesters have been around for a long time, and proven their value in reducing dependence on firewood for cooking and related health and environmental problems. However, high investment costs for conventional brick biogas systems and labour-intense production as well as quality control are problems that hamper the dissemination of biogas systems today.

The Ecofys Plastic Bag Digester

To address the need for low-cost digester, Ecofys has developed the prefabricated Ecofys Plastic Bag Digester (EPBD), specifically designed for farmer households. The robust system is low-cost, easy to install, and easy to transport into remote areas, while yielding sufficient gas for both cooking and lighting needs.

cooking stove


  • 30kg manure is sufficient for typical daily cooking and lighting needs of a family
  • Biogas for cooking replaces on average 5 kg wood daily, which represents about 2 hours of collecting wood daily by women and children.
  • Reduces deforestation and GHG emissions
  • Improves health conditions (by reducing smoke as a result of indoor-fire making)
  • Improves nutrient preservation through use of residual bioslurry as fertiliser, replacing synthetic fertilisers
  • Patented technology
  • Low-cost manufacturing, makes it suitable for local production and contributes to economic development

Five prototypes have successfully been tested in Tanzania, South Africa, Brazil, Guatemala and the Netherlands, and we are now looking for partners to deploy the product on a large scale.