Dynamic power management of offshore wind farms

In the current operational practice of offshore wind farms, there is little or no integrated approach to control  and optimise the wind farm power output based on market signals. In the future, higher penetration levels of wind energy will require the dynamic power management of wind farms (power tuning).

Within the FLOW project “Dynamic Power Management” Ecofys is subcontracted by TenneT and Eneco to investigate future market interaction. Firstly, Ecofys analyses how to anticipate the market by tuning the wind farm power. In a second step, Ecofys will investigate options for enhancing the so-called ancillary services that the wind farm can provide to the grid, and the additional earnings that this may provide for the wind farm owner. Enabling such a dynamic control of wind farms can have multiple benefits, such as

  • maximising the profit of wind farms operators (by participation in multiple markets)
  • reducing the operational risks and costs (by reducing production when prices are low)
  • maximising the social welfare (by providing more flexibility in ancillary services markets)
  • and enhancing system security (by increasing the responsibility of wind farms for secure system operation).

This project investigates how the capacity of offshore wind farms can be optimally used to allow provision of flexibility to the power system operation. The project estimates the costs and benefits of such an operation for power systems with different penetration levels of wind power, and assesses the impact of different subsidy schemes on the realisation of such operational framework for future offshore wind farms.