Due Diligence for sustainable Biomass Purchasing

Structuring the Due Diligence Process for Sustainability of Biomass Purchasing

The goal of this project was to support and accompany the client in the process of structuring and preparing its biomass sustainability system. At the end of this process, the client entities, who were involved in the process of sustainable biomass sourcing, will have the knowledge, tools and documents to implement and demonstrate a functioning, reliable and practical sustainability system ensuring the safeguarding of the client’s environmental and social criteria.

Currently, there are no legally binding requirements for sustainability or solid biomass, let alone requirements for Indirect Land Use Change (ILUC) at an international, EU or Member States level. Before the end of 2011 the European Commission (EC) will reassess its recommendations and the need for additional action at the EU level on the sustainability of solid and gaseous bioenergy which will have an impact on the respective demand for solid biomass.

Ecofys has extensive knowledge on certification schemes for sustainable biomass: assessments of various liquid and solid biomass schemes among others for the European Commission and private market parties. Through this work Ecofys has profound knowledge on the EU mandatory sustainability requirements for biofuels and bioliquids and is well connected on (supra-) national governmental levels.


Daan Peters
Sustainable Industries and Services
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