Dispatching Renewables and Conventional Generation

High shares of renewables in power systems led to new challenges for the market design. Flexibility of conventional power systems, prediction errors of wind and solar, demand-side options and revenues of conventional plants all require the attention of policy makers and investors. The impact of these parameters were simulated by Ecofys using a mixed-integer Ecofys unit commitment and dispatch model. A particular focus lies on the effects of wind forecast errors on the operation of intraday markets. The transmission network is represented using Power Transfer Distribution Factors [PTDFs].

For the German government, Ecofys is evaluating the operational requirements of the future power system with high shares of renewable energy. The flexibility requirements, the effects of storage and demand-side management and different portfolio scenarios are analysed from a technical and economic point of view. The study results are applied for the design of the revised new renewable energy law [EEG].