Cost optimal building performance requirements

Calculation methodology for reporting on national energy performance requirements on the basis of cost optimality within the framework of the EPBD

In the re-cast Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) adopted in May 2010, a benchmarking mechanism for national energy performance requirements was introduced. The EPBD recast required the Commission to establish a comparative methodology by 30 June, 2011.

The purpose of the study was to determine cost-optimal levels to be used by Member States for comparing and setting these requirements. The report aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion in Europe around the details of such a methodology by describing possible details on how to calculate cost optimal levels and pointing towards important factors and effects.

With our report eceee got clear explanations and suggestions regarding the methodology and can distribute knowledge and information. Eceee can support the successful implementation and effect of this legal framework and therefore fulfill their mission by supporting processes that lead to greater energy efficiency.