CNG adoption curve

Driving on biogas in the Netherlands, market assessment

For AgentschapNL we forecasted the adoption curve for vehicles driving on biogas from 2010-2020 in The Netherlands. We gathered adoption curves for driving on biogas from different countries (Sweden, Italy and Germany) and different fuels (LPG in The Netherlands) from our network. Together with the specialists from the Utrecht University we converted these adoption curves to the situation in The Netherlands.

  • The client made a first assumption of the uptake of CNG vehicles in the Netherlands and needed help to make these assumptions more concrete.
  • From our Ecofys network (both Ecofys NL and Ecofys Germany), we contacted important international players dealing with the introduction of alternative fuels and we set up a method for translating this data with the help of the Utrecht University.
  • Ecofys delivered the results quickly and with recommendations for further acceleration of the uptake of CNG vehicles.


Rob Winkel
Urban Energy
Ecofys CNG groengas voertuigen Nederland