CCS in the Netherlands

Making large-scale Carbon Capture and Storage in the Netherlands work

The introduction and deployment of carbon capture and storage is  full of barriers and challenges. CCS is a relatively new technology and many technological and organisational issues still need to be solved.

The energy needed to capture CO2 is still high, local public acceptance is low and the complexity and timing to develop the full CCS chain, including capture, transport and storage are challenging. Also, a set of legal and policy aspects have to be resolved before large-scale CCS projects can take off.

Ecofys led a discussion between the main power companies and the Dutch government on the main challenges that are to be resolved when deploying CCS and on creating methods to reach the right conditions. This resulted in a book including a CCS agenda for the Netherlands towards 2020 addressing policy, technology and the organisational aspects of CCS. Main conclusions are that implementation of CCS requires long-term policy commitments and a strategic technology investment plan, including technology development & demonstration. An important part of the strategic plan is also the development of a CO2 transport network.

The outcome of the study gave reason to erect a task force with members of the industry, NGOs and the government; and a CCS Organisation – a separate body within the Dutch government - representing the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Ministry of Environment on CCS.


Paul Noothout
Energy Systems and Markets