Carbon Footprint Tool for the Dutch Coffee Sector

There has been a growing desire amongst companies in the Dutch coffee sector to get  clear insight into the greenhouse gas emissions of their value chain. Therefore, Ecofys was commissioned by NL Agency to develop a carbon footprint calculation tool for the Royal Dutch Coffee and Tea Association (KNVKT). The tool provides one common approach for KNVKT members to assess greenhouse gas emissions along the life cycle of coffee. The user of the tool can choose to calculate the carbon footprint per package of coffee (cradle-to-gate) or per cup of coffee (cradle-to-grave). The results of the tool can be used by companies for internal decision-making or for business-to-business communication, such as CSR reporting. The tool is part of the KNVKT Action Plan “Towards Sustainability: from Origin to Cup of Coffee” and was launched at the annual symposium of KNVKT in November 2014. Ecofys gave a training on how to use the tool to all interested KNVKT members.

With the introduction of this tool, the KNVKT, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, stimulates harmonization and consistency in the method with which companies in the Dutch coffee sector calculate the carbon footprint for the life-cycle of coffee.

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Annemarie Kerkhof
Sustainable Industries and Services
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