Analysing International Cooperative Initiatives

International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) hold significant promise for raising the level of emission reduction ambition needed to close the global emissions gap to 2020. In an assignment for the Nordic Council of Ministers, Ecofys, supported by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership investigated the impact ICIs could have on national and international climate change commitments.

Through expert interviews, desk research and literature reviews, the project examined ICIs potential across key thematic areas including: renewable energy, energy efficiency, fossil fuel subsidy reform, mitigating fluorinated greenhouse gases, reducing deforestation and managing short-lived climate pollutants. The resulting report also considers technical and institutional issues such as how to ensure additionality from the impact of ICIs, what potential ICIs could present as a channel for climate finance and what role the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and other organisations could play.

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Kornelis Blok
Yvonne Deng
Climate Strategies and Policies
Enhancing ambition through International Cooperative Initiatives (c) Norden