2050 Roadmap for the European Lime Industry

Highlighting the way to its emissions reductions goals for 2050, the European Commission has produced three roadmaps: on energy, low carbon development and resource efficiency. Involving the industry, the Commission has called upon sector associations to prepare individual sector roadmaps for 2050. The European Lime Association has prepared such a pathway that addresses the low carbon and energy Commission roadmaps.

Ecofys supported the European Lime Association in developing a process to establish an industry-wide 2050 outlook, and then assisted them in further completing the evidence base and subsequently drafting the sector roadmap. The project output enabled the European Lime Association to prepare for the 2030 policy debate, and demonstrate to stakeholders the industry’s possibilities and needs to realise ambitions.

The roadmap report is available for download at: eula.eu


Michiel Stork
Sustainable Industries and Services
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