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WWF "Clean Energy Ambassadors" initiative backed by Ecofys

Published: 23/02/2011

Utrecht, 23 February 2011 - The “Clean Energy Ambassadors” initiative set up by the WWF aims to propagate the new WWF Energy Report for achieving 100% reliance on renewable energy in the world by 2050. Manon Janssen, CEO of the Ecofys Group, is one of the first renewable energy sector leaders to step into the role of Clean Energy Ambassador to promote the vision.

“Ecofys is proud to have carried out the principal research and evaluations and drawn the conclusions providing the basis for the WWF Energy Report. Becoming one of the Clean Energy Ambassadors provides a further opportunity to put into practice our deep-rooted conviction that the world can fulfil its ever increasing needs for energy from renewable sources,” states Mrs. Janssen.

The detailed Ecofys Energy Scenario shows how a fully sustainable global renewable energy system is possible by 2050. It provided the basis for the warmly welcomed WWF Energy Report released on 3rd February. The vision for achieving 100 percent reliance on renewable energy in less than four decades has inspired key businesses, organisations and institutions to join the WWF Initiative for Clean Energy Ambassadors to push for global transformation to a clean energy future. Ecofys is supporting WWF’s drive alongside corporate, political and opinion leaders from around the world and will play a part in the efforts of WWF and the Clean Energy Ambassadors to help raise and tackle the key issues and challenges.

The Ecofys Energy Scenario provided the underlying raft of facts for the message and arguments behind the WWF undertaking. Drawing on over 25 years of work and experience in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors, the Scenario demonstrated for the first time the feasibility of using and improving technologies already at hand to achieve a sustainable and more equitable standard of living around the world based on renewable energy sources.

Other companies that have already joined the initiative include Alpro, Eneco Holding N.V., First Solar, KPMG, Polish National Energy Conservation Agency, Rockwool International and Vestas. The Energy Report can be downloaded from the Ecofys Website at

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