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Tallest mast for wind measurement fully operational

Published: 03/09/2013

Ecofys completes construction of 120 meter mast at Test Site Lelystad in the Netherlands

Utrecht, The Netherlands, 03 September 2013 – The construction of a 120 meter mast for wind measurements at Test Site Lelystad has been completed by Ecofys Wind Turbine Testing Services (WTTS). The met mast is the tallest mast of its kind in Northwest Europe to date and will deliver meteorological data for testing wind turbine prototypes. Ecofys WTTS performed the design, contracting and installation of the mast which has been erected ahead of schedule in August 2013.

With hub heights of wind turbines increasing, wind shear information at increasing heights is required. The new met mast is fully equipped with instrumentation at four heights (40, 80, 95, 120 meters) to provide verification testing services for remote sensing devices like SoDARs (Sonic Detection And Ranging) and LiDARs (Light Detection and Ranging). For this purpose, a special test-pad has been designed and installed next to the mast, enabling safe, plug-and-play installation and power and network connection feeds to install up to ten remote sensing machines in parallel. In early August, the first set of new machines has already been installed for verification on site.

Michiel Müller, Unit Director Wind Energy at Ecofys, explains: “By now, remote sensing technology like LiDARs and SoDARs are fully accepted to assess wind resources and to verify power curves. A high quality verification of these measurement devices is essential. This new extra tall and fully equipped mast provides those means and allows wind project developers and owners to take full advantage of this next innovative step in technology.”

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Graphic: 120m mast at Test Site Lelystadt, source: Ecofys WTTS

About Test Site Lelystad   
Test Site Lelystad in the Netherlands is the largest wind turbine test facility in Europe. The Dutch testing facility, on Wageningen University grounds and operated by Ecofys WTTS, can service twelve turbines with tip heights up to 200 meters and a combined installed capacity of up to 30 megawatts. The accredited measurement services are provided by Ecofys in collaboration with windtest grevenbroich GmbH. The site is fully booked until 2017.

About Ecofys Wind Turbine Test Services (WTTS) -         
Ecofys Wind Turbine Testing Services (Ecofys WTTS BV) is a subsidiary of Ecofys Netherlands BV. This company was established in order to meet the growing need for wind turbine testing locations. Ecofys WTTS will offer full certification services for wind turbines according to all international standards.

Ecofys – Experts in Energy
Established in 1984 with the mission of achieving “sustainable energy for everyone”, Ecofys has become the leading expert in renewable energy, energy & carbon efficiency, energy systems & markets as well as energy & climate policy. The unique synergy between those areas of expertise is the key to its success. Ecofys creates smart, effective, practical and sustainable solutions for and with public and corporate clients all over the world. With offices in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, the United Kingdom, China and the US, Ecofys employs over 250 experts dedicated to solving energy and climate challenges.   

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