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New iPhone application to help Dutch drivers save fuel

Published: 27/09/2011

DriveGain and Ecofys launch “Fueless” application

Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 27 September 2011 – DriveGain and Ecofys have today launched the new iPhone application “Fueless” at the ecomobiel trade fair in Rotterdam. The application helps Dutch drivers save fuel while driving and is available to download now, in English and Dutch, for free from the Dutch iPhone AppStore.

The application gives users audio and visual feedback on how they can increase their fuel savings as they drive with drivers being able to save 180 Euros per year on average. The Fueless website ( allows drivers to monitor their progress and compete with their friends and colleagues. Fueless is part of “Het Nieuwe Rijden”, a programme run by the Institute for Sustainable Mobility (IvDM), aiming to reduce CO2 emissions.

“Learning the new skills to reduce your fuel consumption can be quite difficult,” says Simon East, CEO of DriveGain, “but with the Fueless application we help drivers learn how to save fuel by giving them positive feedback as they drive”.

“Fueless clearly contributes to our goal to reduce one Mton of CO2 in three years,” says Paul Hoffschult, programme manager of Het Nieuwe Rijden, “and because the application is connected to the internet, we can easily monitor the effects and gain new insights”.

The Fueless application will be demonstrated on the HNR stand at the ecomobiel trade fair at Ahoy Rotterdam on 27 and 28 September.

DriveGain research shows that, by making changes to their driving behaviour, drivers can reduce their average fuel consumption by thirteen percent. This equates to average savings of 180 Euros per year.

Ecofys is also confident about the expected fuel savings. “From our experience with the Greendriver Challenge we know a 10 percent reduction in fuel consumption is achievable by just changing your driving style”, says Jasper Deman, consultant at Ecofys, “and with Fueless it becomes a competition to maximize your fuel savings every day you drive”.
DriveGain and Ecofys worked together to develop DriveGain’s fuel saving software and produce a fully branded “Het Nieuwe Rijden” product. Fueless works with any standard petrol or diesel car with an automatic or manual transmission. Apart from the iPhone, no other hardware is needed. Both individuals and organisations can directly benefit from using Fueless.

Graphic: Fueless screenshot, source: DriveGainNote to the editors

About Het Nieuwe Rijden -
‘Het Nieuwe Rijden’ is a programme of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, conducted by the ‘Institute for Sustainable Mobility’. ‘Het Nieuwe Rijden’ supports initiatives which lead to a tangible reduction in CO2 emissions. Initiatives that are only indirectly related to driving, but result in a reduction of CO2 emissions, may also qualify. For example, ‘Het Nieuwe Rijden’ dedicates attention to training, transport telematics, smart use of alternative and / or public transportation and communication about these issues. Het Nieuwe Rijden | takes you further.

For more information, please contact:
Paul Hoffschult
Instituut voor Duurzame Mobiliteit
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About DriveGain -
DriveGain produces an iPhone application that helps you save fuel as you drive by giving users audio and visual feedback on how they can increase their fuel savings. The DriveGain website allows drivers to monitor their progress and compete with their friends and colleagues. DriveGain also licenses their core fuel saving technology to third parties. DriveGain is a privately held company based in Amersham in the UK. The company was founded by Simon East and Dr. Phil Dixon in December 2008. You can follow DriveGain on twitter as @DriveGain.

For more information, please contact:
Simon East
DriveGain Limited
T: +44 (0)113 815 2255

Ecofys – experts in energy
Established in 1984 with the vision of achieving “sustainable energy for everyone”, Ecofys has become the leading expert in renewable energy, energy & carbon efficiency, energy systems & markets as well as energy & climate policies. The unique synergy between those areas of expertise is the key to its success. Ecofys creates smart, effective, practical and sustainable solutions for and with public and corporate clients all over the world. With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, United Kingdom, China and the US Ecofys employs over 250 experts dedicated to solving energy and climate challenges.

More about the Greendriver Challenge:

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