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NAMA database shows: Climate action proposals by developing countries increase rapidly

Published: 07/03/2012

Cologne, Germany, 07 March 2012 – Developing countries are demonstrating large interest in preparing proposals for action on climate change. This is a trend illustrated by the NAMA Database ( that was re-launched by Ecofys today. It collects so-called Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs), used by developing countries to apply for international support as agreed under the UN climate negotiations. Activities have increased substantially over the last year giving hope that this new mechanism of cooperation can make a significant contribution to averting dangerous climate change in the future.

“The current set of climate action proposals gathered in the database shows that developing countries are particularly interested in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in transport and buildings, both areas where previous emission reduction projects under the Clean Development Mechanism have not been successful”, says Dr. Niklas Höhne, Director Energy and Climate Policy at Ecofys.

The concept of NAMAs is still very flexible. Countries develop their own climate action proposals based on their national circumstances. While the international climate negotiations are moving slowly, the bottom-up development of actions and proposals can advance the international understanding on necessary actions on climate change. It will be one of the vehicles to deliver the 100 billion US dollars of climate financing that has been promised annually by 2020 under UN climate agreements. The NAMA database already now provides an overview of actions, while an official registry under the UN is being developed.

The NAMA database has been re-launched as a wiki-based collaborative platform, where users can contribute information on ongoing activities. The database contains the latest information on NAMAs being implemented worldwide, showing detailed activities, information on financing, potential impacts and how the actions are monitored.

The main features of the are:

  • An open database which contains concrete NAMA activities and proposals that are currently being developed and implemented. The database can be edited by all users through a wiki format and is moderated by experts. Information is made available in open data standards for reuse and research.
  • Explorations of data including visualisations, statistics and other interesting information about the NAMAs in the database.
  • Resources on NAMAs, including an electronic library and links to other initiatives.

The development of the NAMA Database has been supported by the International Climate Initiative of the German Government.

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