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Ecofys brings smart grid knowledge together in United States

Published: 08/11/2010

Utrecht, the Netherlands, 08 November 2010 - Ecofys is working on an ambitious project set up by the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) in the United States. The project will demonstrate controllable end-use loads with energy storage. To achieve this in the residential and small commercial sector, water heaters and space heaters will be implemented. In the industrial sector, cold storage warehouses are included. The pilot projects will prove that such loads can be utilized to provide balancing services to the grid operator and localized benefits to the load-serving utilities.

Close cooperation with a number of stakeholders
Within this project several pilot projects will be set up in close cooperation with a number of stakeholders. Publicly-owned, load-serving utilities, end-users (both commercial entities and consumers), suppliers of load-balancing and end-use control technologies, the renewable energy industry and technical experts will all work together.

Combining smart grid knowledge
The US is, when compared to Europe, seen as front runner in the smart grid. Nevertheless, in this project European smart grid knowledge is combined with US expertise. Another special feature is the combination of experiences gained in earlier projects with the latest technologies and methods. The result of these mixtures will lead to an assessment of the different techniques available, possible effects on job creation, economic feasibility and protocols for controlling storage devices.

Business case and marketing programmes
In the role as project manager Ecofys is responsible for the formation of the consortium for this project and the application for subsidy. Furthermore, Ecofys will formulate a sound business case for the possible balancing services which could be sold by the publicly-owned utilities to the grid operator. In addition, Ecofys develops marketing programs and communication materials that will add to the success within the different programs set up within this project.

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