Terms of employment

Ecofys offers its employees an inspiring work environment, interesting development and career opportunities, and of course a good compensation and benefits plan. In general, the following Terms of Employment apply to all employees, although different businesses and locations may vary in terms of specific packages that are offered. Our main employment conditions are summarised below.

Financial rewards

Our competitive salaries reflect both the local market conditions and the level of skills, knowledge and experience that are of great importance to remain at the forefront of our sustainable energy line of business.

Bonus plans

Individual contributions are recognised and rewarded through performance related bonuses in line with the bonus structure of Ecofys.

Secondary benefits

Sustainability is a keyword in all our offerings. Secondary benefits differ per country as they are partly determined by legal regulations. Benefits often include pension/retirement plans, subsidised services such as medical care and public transport.

Work-life balance

We provide flexible working schedules whenever necessary and operationally possible. Also part-time working (4 days a week) is one of the possibilities on offer.

International career opportunities

We operate in different countries,  provide international opportunities, and you can expect to work with colleagues from all around the world. You will benefit from a range of opportunities to exchange expertise, be exposed to projects around the world, and contribute as a member of a highly diverse international team.

Time off and time out

We offer competitive levels of annual leave entitlements and maternity/paternity leave allowances. We also accommodate career breaks and sabbaticals whenever possible.

Listening to our employees

We regularly conduct surveys amongst our employees to find out if there are any issues that need to be addressed or improved. This can take the form of online surveys, discussion groups or interactive webcasts. As an example, the Commitment Survey is conducted online on a yearly basis. This gives everyone a chance to make suggestions on improving our work environment or to address areas of concern.