Updated information on the world's greenhouse gas emissions

Published: 28/05/2013

How much greenhouse gas does the world produce annually? The answer is clearly visualised in the World Resources Institute’s info graphic on the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. ASN Bank and Ecofys, in cooperation with, publish an update of that info graphic.

In 2000, WRI came with a flowchart that shows the worldwide emission of greenhouse gases. WRI is a renowned research centre for policy on resources and the environment. For the first time it was made clear how much CO2 was truly produced and by whom. The flowchart became one of the most frequently used graphs about greenhouse gases and their impact on the environment.

ASN Bank and Ecofys, in cooperation with, have now updated the flowchart with data from 2010. The new graph shows, from start to finish, the sources of the greenhouse gases (e.g. oil, coal or deforestation) and the amount of each gas (CO2, CH4 and N2O) that ultimately finds its way into our atmosphere. In addition, the graph shows which industries contribute the most to the emission of greenhouse gases and which resource they use doing so.