Taking the Clean Energy Transformation from NDCs to Action

Published: 15/11/2016

Today at the climate conference in Marrakesh, a panel of executives and market experts discusses a broad clean energy portfolio that will enable countries to reach their energy and mitigation goals as laid out in their nationally determined contributions (NDC). Jointly organised by ICSE, e5, and the Global Carbon Capture and Storage Institute Ltd, the event looks at the targets and potentials related to energy efficiency, renewable energy as well as carbon capture and utilisation for energy and material production for permanent geological storage. 

Maarten Neelis, Principal Consultant at Ecofys, will highlight opportunities for accelerating this low carbon transition. In his contribution, he will share insights from the Climate Action Tracker as well as key findings from an analysis Ecofys did for the Energy Transitions Commission (ETC) earlier this year. In the latter, Ecofys analysed the INDCs of 16 countries and the EU28, which accounted for 78% of global energy-related CO2 emissions in 2012

Find more information on the ETC analysis and the Climate Action Tracker.