Ecofys shares insights into solar car potential in the lead up to World Solar Challenge

Published: 05/10/2017

This Sunday, solar car experts from all over the world will gather in Australia for the World Solar Challenge. Student teams will compete in a 3,000 km traverse across the Australian desert with solar cars they developed. Inspired by one of the competing teams, Solar Team Eindhoven of the Eindhoven University of Technology, the joint team of Ecofys and Navigant took a closer look at trends for EVs. In a new white paper, the experts discuss the potential of electric solar vehicles.

In the near future, it is unlikely that solar cars will be completely self-sufficient and EV charging will be needed, but solar energy could nevertheless provide a relevant contribution. One of the main challenges for EV adoption is to ensure that it offers the same level of comfort to the consumer as conventional vehicles. Battery costs represent a large share of the vehicle costs; therefore, vehicles with lengthier driving ranges are expensive. Furthermore, the availability of charging infrastructure remains a barrier that hampers consumers from switching to EVs. Integrating solar panels in EVs holds great potential for improving EV technology and advancing the energy transition.

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