Navigant joins MENA clean energy industry group Dii at Desert Energy Leadership Summit

Published: 13/11/2017

Today, Navigant participated in the Desert Energy Leadership Summit in Dubai to celebrate the consultancy’s joining of the Dii Desert Energy Industry Network.

Dii Desert Energy is an industry association of the leading clean energy firms active in the MENA region. Its mission is to support an increased and rapid deployment of utility-scale renewable energy projects in MENA desert areas and integrate them into interconnected power systems.

Thijs Aarten, EME Energy Practice Leader and Managing Director at Navigant: ”The Middle East is of paramount importance in the global energy transition moving towards a sustainable future. The large scale access to sustainable resources, like solar power, will be a strong driver for diversification in the region. As a new member of the Dii Desert Energy Industry Network, Navigant is looking forward to supporting the region to leverage its significant innovation focus across the entire energy value chain.”

The Desert Energy Leadership Summit brings together global visionaries, regional and international industry leaders and political forces to discuss and debate the perspectives and practical implementations of the southern Mediterranean and West Asian interconnected power systems in the transition toward full sustainability. At the summit, Shannon Graham, Director at Navigant in the Middle East, shared expert insights on the potential for making the MENA region a world leader in green hydrogen. Regional expert Fabian Wigand, Managing Consultant at Ecofys, a Navigant company, chaired a roundtable discussing regional electricity markets and regulation from a European and Gulf perspective with industry and political leaders.

Navigant’s global energy practice has a strong track-record in the MENA region and offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Flagship projects include advising the German government on its energy partnership with the region and supporting the leading utilities on strategy and planning for the use of new technologies, including smart grid, solar, energy efficiency and new IT/OT platforms.

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