Huge emissions savings in lighting and appliances at world’s fingertips

Published: 23/03/2018

As people around the world switch off their lights for “Earth Hour” this weekend, a new analysis shows the world could make huge reductions in global warming by simply adopting the highest existing energy related standards for lighting and appliances. This can be achieved at net zero costs for consumers and with substantial co-benefits to health.

The Climate Action Tracker, as part of its decarbonisation series, today released its analysis on the emissions reduction potential for lighting and appliances in buildings.  If the highest existing minimum energy performance and labelling standards were applied globally, they could save around 4,500 TWh in 2030, the equivalent of closing 1,140 average coal-fired power plants (600 MW).

 Coupled with low carbon electricity, applying these standards globally could reduce annual emissions by 5.2 GtCO2 in 2030 (-60%) compared with business-as-usual—more than the current annual emissions of the entire European Union.

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