Ecofys informs on sustainable biofuels at Dutch Parliament roundtable

Published: 27/04/2017

Last week, a roundtable at the House of Representatives of the Netherlands discussed biofuels to inform Members of Parliament on latest developments. Focusing on the implementation of the EU ILUC Directive and the more recent proposal for the new Renewable Energy Directive, the roundtable gathered external biofuels experts from the industry, academia and NGOs.

Carlo Hamelinck, Associate Director at Ecofys, a Navigant company, was one of the invited scientific panelists to support the expert discussion. He informed on the potential that sustainable biofuels offer for the decarbonisation of the transport sector while also highlighting what is needed to enable truly sustainable biofuels: an improved CO2 performance, a focus on low ILUC risk biofuels, and more transparency on the origin of biofuels. 

The biofuels experts explained how innovations in agriculture could help produce more sustainable biofuel crops, and that the Netherlands could play a pioneering role in this sector.

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