Ecofys assessed global potential for renewables on country level

Published: 30/11/2017

Ecofys, a Navigant company, has assessed the global potential for renewable energy technologies on country level. The previously performed research has now been published as part of Shell’s recently launched Global Energy Resources database. The database allows the user to explore the world’s energy resources by region, country and energy source.

The renewables assessment by Ecofys which fed into the database includes solar PV on land and buildings, wind on and offshore, concentrated solar power (CSP), as well as a meta study of hydro- and geothermal electricity and an estimate of biofuel potential. The experts identified a realistically achievable potential for all sources which is comparable across technologies for a medium case scenario in 2030. 

The scenario shows that renewable technologies could provide up to ~1,600 EJ/a of electricity globally in 2030. Today’s global electricity demand (65 EJ/a) is well covered by this potential, but constraints may occur in the long run locally. Amongst large countries, Nigeria and India may need imports to meet electricity demand depending on demand growth.

Learn more about the different potentials by browsing the Global Energy Resources database by country, region or energy source. You can also download a comprehensive dataset with potentials per energy source by country.

The underlying studies on electric and bioenergy potentials were previously published in peer reviewed articles in 2015. Read the original articles on electric potentials and bioenergy potentials directly online.