Ecofys and Generation Foundation call for business perspectives in a survey on carbon pricing revenues

Published: 23/08/2017

As part of the research partnership Carbon Pricing Unlocked (CPU), Ecofys, a Navigant company, and The Generation Foundation have launched a new survey on carbon pricing revenues. The experts aim to gather company views on different approaches to use revenues generated by carbon pricing mechanisms such as carbon taxes and Emissions Trading Systems (ETS).

As with any policy based instrument, acceptance and support by entities covered by the rules is critical for the success and sustainability of the policy. The appropriate use of revenues from carbon pricing mechanisms that would be supported by covered entities and result in increased emission reductions could help to increase global ambition on climate action.

Therefore, the CPU team seeks to identify the relationship between how revenues from carbon pricing mechanisms are used and the acceptability of different revenue recycling approaches to covered entities.

The results of this online survey will help to provide an understanding of how businesses see climate policy and carbon revenue use impacts. The team also aims to identify preferences for carbon revenue use in different economic contexts. The findings will be presented and discussed with policymakers at the UN Climate Change Conference COP23 in Bonn in November 2017.  

Use your chance to provide input to a high profile study on how carbon revenues should be utilised.

You can access the survey until 24 September 2017.
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