Climate Action Tracker: It only takes a few countries to kick-start energy system decarbonisation

Published: 20/04/2017

Triggering a global transformation of our energy systems as required by the Paris Agreement does not take the whole world—it can be started by just a small group of countries, according to a new Climate Action Tracker report.

The global rise of renewable energy, which accounted for over half of all new electricity installations in 2015, was a result of strong actions by just a few countries, according to “Faster & Cleaner 2: kick-starting global decarbonisation", released by the Climate Action Tracker and the Climate Works Foundation today.

The report based its investigation on the fact that to meet the Paris Agreement’s long-term temperature limit, the global energy system must completely decarbonise by mid-century.

The Climate Action Tracker examined the trends driving decarbonisation in three key sectors of the global energy system: power, transportation, and buildings—and looked at what can drive rapid transitions in these areas.

Learn more in the press release.
In addition to the technical and policy report, the Climate Action Tracker provides a short summary.