Carbon Pricing Unlocked: New Best Practice Guides to Corporate Internal Carbon Pricing

Published: 19/09/2017

Today, Ecofys, a Navigant company, the Generation Foundation and CDP launched new practical guidance toward corporate internal carbon pricing (ICP) at Climate Week NYC. Sharing the latest findings from the Carbon Pricing Unlocked research partnership, the experts developed two best practice guides on how to create corporate value through internal carbon pricing.

The how-to guide outlines the steps for designing and implementing an internal carbon pricing approach under a new 4D framework. It complements existing guides by providing a new way to frame IPC, combined with the latest practical insights and experiences gathered through interviews with leading companies in the food industry value chain. Since the greenhouse gas emissions in the food industry are relatively dispersed compared to other value chains, this diversity captures many challenges others also face with ICP, making their experience relevant to all sectors.

By using best practice approaches to ICP, companies can embed the trajectory of the low-carbon transition into their daily decision-making, determine the most effective strategy in changing market environments, and stay ahead of the curve. In addition to the main guide, the team therefore created a special C-suite version. The C-suite guide allows board members to identify which ICP approach might be the most suitable to their company.

The current guide is a living document and open for public consultation until 30 November 2017. Please send your comments and suggestions to the Carbon Pricing Unlocked team. The full and final research will be launched at the end of the year.

4D Framework to Action: Four Dimensions to Internal Carbon Pricing (c) Carbon Pricing Unlocked