Carbon Pricing Unlocked: Final Version Of Best Practice Guides To Corporate Internal Carbon Pricing Available

Published: 21/12/2017

Today, Ecofys, a Navigant company, the Generation Foundation and CDP published the final version of the two best practice guides on how to create corporate value through internal carbon pricing (ICP). An earlier draft of the guides had been launched at Climate Week NYC in September 2017 and kept open for public consultation over two months.

Feedback from the public consultation reaffirmed that strong board-level support and internal buy-in are key factors for success. Keeping the approach simple at the start and only gradually integrating internal carbon pricing into the daily decision-making process proved equally important.

By using best practice approaches to ICP, companies can embed the trajectory of the low-carbon transition into everyday decisions, find new business opportunities, and gain a competitive edge in the low-carbon future. A special C-suite guide enables board members to identify the ICP approach most suitable to their company. It includes the high-level business case for ICP and examples of use. The how-to guide outlines the steps for designing and implementing an ICP approach under a new 4D framework. The novel way to frame ICP is combined with latest practical insights and experiences from leading companies in the food industry value chain. Given this sector’s diversity, their experience is relevant to all sectors.  

The best practice guides are part of the Carbon Pricing Unlocked research partnership which will continue to investigate and promote the use of best practices of ICP in 2018.