Best practices in financing wind parks

Published: 18/02/2013

With the project size of wind energy projects constantly increasing, there is a growing need to further reduce uncertainties in project financing. Market-wise this development translates into how to achieve an optimal business case. New methods and techniques for measuring wind will therefore contribute to decisions and choices regarding project financing.

In response to these questions, Ecofys recently organised a workshop at Test Site Lelystad that brought together a significant share of the wind energy stakeholders in the Netherlands: representatives of the KNMI, consultants, turbine manufacturers, developers, banks and financers.

Triodos Bank gave a presentation of its latest views on risks in project financing and Ecofys showed how wind measurements can help reduce uncertainties in yield calculations. During the workshop there were also live demonstrations of the two currently most widely used and accepted LiDAR solutions: the WindCube v2 of Leosphere and the Z300 of Zephir LiDAR. LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging. It consists of a laser-based measurement device which makes it possible to measure wind characteristics up to 200 meters above ground level in order to quickly and flexibly determine the potential of a project. Highlighting the added value that these kind of wind measurements provide for wind energy projects in the Netherlands, Ecofys also launched its position paper on LiDAR use during the workshop.

For more information on possible future workshops or wind measurements, please contact our wind energy team.