A fully renewable energy system by 2050 requires bioenergy

Published: 25/06/2012

Ecofys analysed the supply potential and use of biomass in the context of a transition to a fully renewable global energy system by 2050. The study finds that the potential for sustainable bioenergy from residues and waste, complementary fellings, energy crops and algae oil in 2050 is 340 EJ/year of primary energy. Only a fraction of this potential would be used in a highly efficient energy system. But this potential could meet the residual biomass demand as described in the demand scenario related to this study, the Ecofys Energy Scenario. In this system, which includes a high degree of electrification of demand, bioenergy would primarily supply transport and industrial fuels.

The scientific article was published in Biomass & Bioenergy (Vol.41, 2012). The article is available for rent or purchase or, for registered users, as a free download. Interested readers can also read most of the findings in the Bioenergy chapter of The Energy Report. For further questions, please contact the main author, Yvonne Deng, Consultant Integrated Energy Systems.