32% renewable energy and 32.5% energy efficiency targets enable emissions reductions of approximately 46% for EU

Published: 25/06/2018

The EU is raising its renewable energy target to 32% and its energy efficiency target to 32.5%. To inform the ongoing negotiations on the 2030 GHG emission reduction target, Ecofys, a Navigant company, has calculated the impacts of the 32% renewable energy and 32.5% energy efficiency targets, showing that this would result in an emission reduction of approximately 46%. The higher renewable energy and energy efficiency targets result in cuts in the energy related emissions. Depending on the policies which are put in place to reduce emissions outside the energy sector, as well as additional policies that strengthen the emission cuts in the energy sector to 2030, primarily from the mobility package currently under discussion, the EU could come close to halving its total emissions by 2030.

The analysis is performed as follow-up to the paper “A Step closer to Paris. The 35% renewable energy and 35% energy efficiency targets voted for by the European Parliament enable greenhouse gas emission reductions of 50% in 2030“ published in May this year.