Photovoltaics in the Netherlands grew by 50% in 2011

Published: 01/11/2012

The PV capacity in the Netherlands increased by 50% in 2011. Half of the added capacity has been installed without subsidy, the other half with subsidies from 2009 and 2010. These are two findings from the National PV Survey Report that Ecofys prepared on behalf of NL Agency and the Dutch Ministry of Economy, Agriculture and Innovation. It represents an analysis of the Dutch photovoltaic market in 2011.

The total installed capacity end 2011 is estimated around 131 MW. While the Dutch government had cut all direct subsidy support for PV in the household segment, there was a boost of local and national bottom up initiatives of large scale combined purchasing actions in order to decrease the prices of panels and installation. This resulted in a pay-back time of less than 10 years for the household segment, where net-metering is allowed. Next to that the global price development resulted in a 30% drop in the last months of 2011 which added to a continuing increase of installed capacity in 2012.

A new support scheme has been set-up by the Dutch government for all large scale renewable energy installations. Focus is laid on cost reduction and implementation of the lowest cost options. 50 MW was granted for the 9ct/kWh base tariff under the SDE+ scheme. This base tariff guarantees a subsidy on top of the normal market price.

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