• Final AURES report: Insights on auction designs under different market conditions in Europe

    The AURES project has published its final report with findings from three years of research on auctions for renewable energy support. Ecofys, a Navigant company, was part of the consortium which generated insights on specific auction designs under different market conditions and policy goals in European countries. Aiming to promote an effective use of auctions to improve the performance of electr...
  • Carbon Pricing Unlocked: Final Version Of Best Practice Guides To Corporate Internal Carbon Pricing Available

    Today, Ecofys, a Navigant company, the Generation Foundation and CDP published the final version of the two best practice guides on how to create corporate value through internal carbon pricing (ICP). An earlier draft of the guides had been launched at Climate Week NYC in September 2017 and kept open for public consultation over two months. Feedback from the public consultation reaffirmed that st...
  • How to ensure that corporate buying of renewable energy really makes a difference

    Many corporations are eager to contribute to the fight against climate change by sourcing renewable energy. Yet despite some high-profile power purchase agreements, corporate renewables sourcing is still a small market and not always making a real contribution to the energy transition. In an article for Energy Post, Malte Gephart, energy policy expert at Navigant, provides a market analysis and ex...
  • Distributed Energy Resources Set to Flourish in Europe

    In an article for Utility Week, Navigant Research details Europe’s shift from centralised renewables in order to create flexibility on the grid. Roberto Rodriguez Labastida, senior research analyst at Navigant Research, says that technologies like demand response and energy storage, as well as sensors, smart meters, virtual power plants, and energy management systems will begin to play a bigger ro...

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