• Ecofys, a Navigant company, assessed future role of gas in a net-zero emissions energy system

    In a new study, Ecofys, a Navigant company, has analysed what role gas and gas infrastructure can play in a zero greenhouse gas emissions energy system by 2050. The study, launched by the Gas for Climate initiative today, shows that renewable gas can play an important role in reducing Europe’s greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by mid-century. Ecofys, a Navigant company, estimated the potential...
  • Grid operators need a revised cybersecurity strategy in the IoT era

    Cybersecurity threats invade the minds of electricity grid managers on a constant basis, and for good reason, writes Neil Strother of Navigant Research in an article for Euractiv. Navigant Research has examined the cybersecurity threats challenging utilities and other enterprises deploying Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.  2018 appears to be another challenging year for those preventing cyb...
  • The opportunities for storage in ancillary markets – and the uncertainties

    As one of the most lucrative applications for new stationary energy storage systems (ESSs), ancillary services have played a vital role in the industry to date. However, uncertainty remains around the future ability of ESSs to provide these services and what the value will be. In an article for Recharge News, Alex Eller of Navigant Research explains why evolving ancillary service regulations repr...
  • Rethinking urban energy: How Europe is leading the way

    To achieve ambitious climate goals in line with the Paris Agreement, cities will need to implement major changes to their energy systems by 2030. One of the most important developments for cities looking to transform their energy profile is the interlinking of the energy sector with buildings and transportation. In an article for Euractiv, Eric Woods, research director with Navigant Research, rev...

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