The Built Environment Analysis Model - BEAM2

Choosing the best options for better energy performance of buildings

As a central feature of Ecofys' services concerning policies and strategies in the built environment, the Built Environment Analysis Model - BEAM2 is a calculation model that can be applied worldwide to analyse energy, climate and cost features of building stocks. The model creates a comprehensive summary of energy demands, GHG emissions and costs for space heating and cooling, hot water and auxiliary energy in buildings throughout a defined building stock at country, regional or city level. By assessing the current status of buildings, a practical set of measures and strategies can be designed for achieving climate, energy, political and societal targets.

There are no limits to the size of the building stock analysed. It can vary from a large scale at national or international level (e.g. EU27, North America) to a much smaller scale like examining states, provinces or even cities and city quarters or large university campuses. The tool will always take the specific local circumstances into account.

beam2 by Ecofys

BEAM2 offers a wide scope and great flexibility regarding future scenarios. In order to get the best results, a wide range of data on the building stock is required as input to the model, distinguished by country, climate region, building type and size, age group, insulation level, energy supply system, energy carrier, energy costs and GHG emission factors.

In this respect BEAM2 is a powerful tool to gauge the implications and consequences that policies and measures set in motion today will have in the future. It can support you in the development of the right strategy for your organisation, focusing on the most effective and cost-efficient actions. Have a look at our references or get in touch with us directly.