Quick Scan Portal Wind

An interactive map for onshore wind farm development

Ecofys has bundled the main constraints for wind farms in the Netherlands at a single internet location: the Quick Scan Portal Wind (currently only available in Dutch). Through this site you can quickly obtain an overview of the most important constraints in your project area. Whether you are a developer or a civil servant at national or regional level involved in the wind industry, our online portal will provide you with a quick overview of the possibilities for wind farm development at a specific location

How does it work?

With three mouse clicks you can make an educated go/no-go decision for your new wind project:

1. Place a wind turbine on our interactive map and discover the restrictions that apply in the vicinity.
2. Create a buffer radius around the wind turbine (≤ 1000m).
3. The system tells you which relevant objects, sensitive and non-sensitive, are within the radius.

The interactive map provides an overview of the following constraints:

Screenshot: Quick Scan Portal (c) Ecofys
  • Sensitive objects
  • Nature areas
  • Existing wind turbines
  • Power lines and pipelines 
  • Height restrictions from aviation

Our website ensures that you can quickly make an informed decision:

  • Full access, anytime and anywhere: 24/7 online via internet or WiFi
  • Always up-to-date: data checks and updates are performed on a quarterly basis
  • Quick Scan Portal team: experienced Ecofys consultants with backgrounds in wind energy, project development, GIS, website development, environmental management, sensitive objects and nature

Try it now!

The first 24 hours are free. If you are interested, please contact us and we'll tell you more about our subscriptions.