EU 2030 energy & climate policy

On 23 October 2014 the European Council agreed on 2030 EU climate and energy targets:

  • A binding target of at least 40% GHG reduction compared to 1990  
  • A binding target of at least 27% RES in final energy
  • An indicative target of at least 27% energy efficiency improvement compared to baseline; review of the target in 2020

While these targets provide some cornerstones of the 2030 framework, many questions on the 2030 framework remain open, e.g. the governance and the effort sharing between Member States.

Looking ahead to 2050 and taking on board the lessons learnt from the 2020 framework is vital for creating the 2030 policy package. Ecofys supports governments, NGOs and industry associations with independent advice on key questions of the 2030 debate, such as “Which target is in line with the 2°Celsius pathway?”, “How can funds be made available?”, “What would be a fair effort sharing between Member States?”, and “What are the policy requirements to reach these targets?”

Click on the links below for more information on our recent projects and publications that contributed to the 2030 target setting discussion. Additional insights are available at the project website This initiative intends to facilitate and guide the RES policy dialogue for the period towards 2030.