Wouter Terlouw

Sustainable Industries and Services

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Wouter Terlouw (M.Sc.) is a Circular Economy and life cycle thinking expert and works as Senior Consultant at Ecofys. In the past years, he worked on a variety of projects on circular economy, life cycle assessment (LCA) and avoided emissions. Wouter is co-author of the white paper "Implementing Circular Economy globally makes Paris targets achievable" and is currently working on an EC project on the recovery and utilisation of gaseous industrial effluents in the chemical sector. Recent other key projects include avoided emission studies for the International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI), and a Life Cycle Assessment for Soy drink and Dairy milk for Alpro. Through his broad background in the field of energy and sustainability, Wouter is able to support companies and organisations on a wider range of topics as well, such as domestic heat supply, emission trading schemes, energy system integration, e-mobility and smart grids. In the past year, he managed projects on the development of road transport scenarios and policy recommendations for the Norwegian Ministry of Transport and on the impact of urban electrification for the Copper Alliance. In each of these projects Wouter added strong expertise in energy modelling. Before joining Ecofys, Wouter worked for Quintel Intelligence as junior project manager and researcher, responsible for the industrial sector in the Energy Transition Model, the development of a teacher training and the extension of the model with four European countries. Wouter holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (2011) and a Master of Science in Energy Science (2014) from Utrecht University.