Caspar Noach

Sustainable Industries and Services

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Drs. Caspar Noach works with Ecofys since 2006 and is a Managing Consultant. In his work, Caspar supports organisations in mapping and managing the environmental impacts in their supply chain. He supported several companies (like Eneco, Novelis, and The LEGO Group) with creating and validating their carbon strategy to enter the WWF Climate Savers programme. In addition Caspar also helps organisations (like Novo Nordisk, Volvo AG, Tetra Pak, SAP, Electrolux) with calculating or validating their carbon footprint and identifying, planning and implementing measures to reduce it. Caspar has been responsible for setting up and executing an Environmental Profit and Loss Account for a large Scandinavian multinational company.

Caspar is Ecofys main contact person with the GHG Protocol and he is present in several working groups developing new guidance and standards. As a part of his work he has recently led a European project about pilot testing methodologies for organisational carbon footprinting for and with the ICT Sector ( In addition he is currently member of the EU Technical Helpdesk of the three-year testing phase in which the EC, companies and other stakeholders will test the effectiveness of the recommended Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) and Organisation Environmental Footprint (OEF) methods. Besides this carbon management work Caspar works on projects aimed at energy saving and the application of sustainable energy within SME’s, schools and households. He coordinated multiple energy saving campaigns for local governments and several European projects aimed at energy saving like: Check it out (energy saving and education at schools), Implement (energy saving campaigns for households), and cRRescendo (building sustainable districts: Finally Caspar has helped a large Dutch Energy company with setting up a strategic framework for identifying and selecting their most interesting new sustainable services for the retail sector.