Giel Linthorst

Sustainable Industries and Services

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Giel Linthorst is an Associate Director at Ecofys and leads all activities of Ecofys in the field of science-based targets and sustainable finance. He is is a global recognized expert on translating climate science to corporate strategies and financial institutions. He was the leading expert who developed the new, ground-breaking methodology for the Science Based Targets initiative of CDP, UN Global Compact, WRI and WWF. This methodology was peer-reviewed and published in Nature Climate Change and referred to in many other publications. Based on the draft and final methodology Giel has supported over 40 multinational companies in various sectors to set science-based targets and to optimize and extend the methodology over time. Together with leading IPCC scientists from University of Aberdeen and PBL Netherlands Environment Assessment Agency, Giel also developed an additional methodology to set science-based targets for the agriculture and forestry sector. Next to this, Giel is leading the knowledge hub Sustainable Finance within Ecofys. With leading solutions offerings for the financial sector. Key solution offerings are carbon accounting of investments, climate strategy and scenario analysis and climate risk assessment. Giel is the leading expert on a high-level project for the German government, as part of their G20 presidency, (1) to assess the carbon risks in the German economy, (2) to conduct a carbon stress test for German financial institutions and (3) to develop regulatory instruments to mitigate carbon risks in financial markets in Germany and beyond.

Giel Linthorst is a common speaker at various conference, like UN Climate Change Conference (COP), Climate Leadership Conference or Responsible Investment conference. Next to these conferences, Giel Linthorst presented his key expertise and vision in various online webinars. He has been employed by Ecofys since 1999. Giel has a technical and physical background combined with strategic business development. During his career at Ecofys he has established a broad network among companies, financial institutions, well-known NGOs (such as CDP, WRI and WWF) and climate scientists. Prior to his current role Giel was manager of the unit Sustainable Products, and was also ad-interim unit manager of the Sustainable Transport unit at Ecofys. As manager of both units, he was involved in setting up ambitious climate and energy policies and corporate environmental strategies together with policy actors and well known NGOs, as well as supporting companies to measure, improve and report their environmental performance. Giel has gained experience in achieving sustainability in various sectors. With his expertise, he ensures that the developed strategies are translated into clear, effective and impactful actions.