Carlo Hamelinck

Sustainable Industries and Services

Location: Utrecht, Netherlands

Carlo Hamelinck PhD is Associate Director and a senior strategic advisor to players in the biofuels arena. He advises to industry and governments to exploit opportunities and to accelerate sustainable development. Carlo supports and challenges the stakeholders, to facilitate discussions and decisions. He brings expertise to the table on different dimensions of biofuels production, international trade, policies and application. Carlo Hamelinck has almost fifteen years of biofuels expertise. He joined Ecofys in 2004 after finalising his PhD thesis on transportation fuels from biomass and international transport of biomass and biofuels, at the Utrecht University. Within Ecofys, his workfield has broadened to other aspects of biofuels, in particular to the international market of feedstock and final products, to national and international legislations and to options for aviation and maritime biofuels. Carlo has done studies on the potential contribution of biofuels in several European countries, written a book about the European market for biofuels, and performed several due diligences and benchmark studies on biofuels initiatives for industries and private equity investors. He explores the developments in the global market in bioenergy and related commodities. In the past three years, Carlo lead a large consortium to report to the European Commission on the current status of the European biofuels market and how it impacts other markets, commodities, and socio-economic and environmental sustainability aspects. Carlo is currently also advising to the government of Tanzania on their biofuels policy, legislation and institutional framework.