Edwin Haesen

Energy Systems and Markets

Location: Brussels, Belgium

Edwin Haesen (PhD) works as Associate Director and joined Ecofys in 2016. His work experience covers system analyses at transmission and distribution level, integration studies of renewable sources, and advising on grid codes and policy instruments. Edwin holds a PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Leuven on the topic of stochastic optimization models for power systems. He worked five years at the European Network of Transmission System Operators (ENTSO-E) as Grid Development Senior Advisor. In this work he coordinated with TSO experts, regulators, EC and stakeholders the development of the first pan-European harmonized grid connection rules ('network codes') for generation, industrial demand, TSO/DSO interfaces and HVDC links. He was also project manager for the Ten Year Network Development Plan 2016, coordinating various TSO study teams on scenario development, regional planning studies, and cost-benefit analyses for transmission investments aiming at enhanced market integration and system security. He also worked several years as Senior Study Engineer Grid Operations at EANDIS, a distribution system operator in Belgium, on various technical studies, research projects and business process improvements aiming at a smarter management of the system. His work at Ecofys concentrates on electrical power systems, with particular focus on the challenges of flexibility and RES dominated systems.

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