Yvonne Deng

Climate Strategies and Policies

Location: London, United Kingdom

Yvonne Deng is a Managing Consultant at Ecofys. She has extensive experience in global and European energy strategy projects, covering all aspects of the energy system, from demand to supply. She was lead author of the technical analysis behind ‘The Energy Report’, published in 2011 by WWF. Yvonne has also managed two major renewable energy resource studies, commissioned by the Shell Scenarios team, spanning the entire range of renewable energy technologies, from wind and solar to biomass. Projects on climate change mitigation have included a comprehensive GHG emissions abatement assessment for the European Commission, working papers on 2030 EU emission targets and the feasibility of a global GHG phase-out by mid-century. Yvonne is also heavily involved in Ecofys’ Wedging the Gap project, which has brought the importance of International Cooperative Initiatives (ICIs) to the attention of the global policy community. She has been involved in projects assessing the feasibility of such ICIs, from corporate-led emission reduction pledges, to transition pathways of cities and sector-wide mitigation strategies. Yvonne is an experienced project manager with specific expertise on complex strategy planning tools and data analysis design. She takes pride in steering her teams to deliver insightful and user-friendly analyses and tools to clients. Before joining Ecofys, Yvonne spent four years advising healthcare companies on their business operation strategies. She has worked on several continents and for many client organisations, ranging from large multinationals to small start-ups. Yvonne is fluent in three languages and holds masters and doctorate degrees in Physics from the University of Cambridge, UK.