Stefanie Bradtner

Press Office

Location: London, United Kingdom

Stefanie Bradtner, MA, is a Marketing & Communication Consultant who joined Ecofys in 2011. Stefanie is in charge of online communications, managing the company website and Ecofys’ social media activities. She is also part of Ecofys’ press office, and supports the general outreach activities. Stefanie graduated from the University of Cologne in 2010 with an MA in Media Studies and gained communication expertise both prior to and throughout her studies. Her work at a public and a college radio station, several journalistic internships and further marketing training have enhanced Stefanie’s ability to process and prepare information in a compelling manner. From the start of her career as Sales Assistant with 3M to her engagement in the e-commerce sector, she constantly benefitted from working in multinational companies to boost her organisational and language skills.

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